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The Gentlemen is an ensemble gangster movie that’s heavy on laughs, violence, and swearing. It’s also got a smart, nifty plot that surprises along the way and all the way to the end.

I have directors whose movies I cannot watch – not because the director is bad, but because I hate his or her style so much that, for me, their movies are sure to be something I loathe (Ridley Scott, for example). Others love them and consider them auteurs, but for me, they create things I want to love but cannot.

Then there are the directors I love, who take something I’m not sure I’ll like and turn it into something I love and enjoy. Guy Ritchie is such a director for me.

So, first off, if you have a challenge with various British accents, be prepared to pay attention, because even though there are Americans in this movie, everyone speaks in some kind of accent and most of them are speaking swiftly. The positive is that even if you miss a line, you can tell what’s going on from the action or another character’s reaction.

Second, if you have major issues with flashbacks and flashforwards, this movie could be difficult for you. As with the accents, if you just roll with it, a character will explain what’s really going on, naturally and in an interesting way, in another minute or two.

Lastly, if you hate Ritchie’s style, this movie is probably not going to be for you. However, if you’ve enjoyed his Robert Downey, Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies, you’re going to really enjoy The Gentlemen.

Mickey Pearson (Mathew McConaughey) is an American expat living in England and running a hugely successful pot empire. But he wants to retire so he and his wife, Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) can get a giant estate and relax. Rosalind is a hundred percent into their business – she’s not whining about how Mickey needs to get out and, in fact, is perfectly willing for him to remain The King of British pot.

Mickey’s right-hand man is Ray (Charlie Hunnan), who is incredibly dedicated and competent, and throughout most of the movie, sleazy reporter Fletcher (Hugh Grant, playing marvelously against type) is “telling” Ray about the script Fletcher has written about Mickey and how his plan to retire isn’t going to go well. This could sound confusing, but just roll with it and you’ll be rewarded.

Adding into the mix are Coach (Colin Farrell), who takes lads off the streets and teaches them how to channel their negative energy into the boxing ring, Lord George (Tom Wu) who is the head of the Chinese mob, Dry Eye (Henry Golding) who is Lord George’s psychotic #2, and Matthew, aka The American Jew (Jeremy Strong), who is trying to buy Mickey’s empire.

But things are going wrong with the sale, right and left, up and down, and Mickey and his gang must handle a variety of dangerous situations if they have a hope of surviving the business deal.

Saying too much more would ruin the plot and, as I said before, it’s a fun, twisty plot that you should enjoy without spoilers. Yes, there’s a lot of cursing, but since we went with my mother-in-law and she, like me and the hubs, enjoyed the movie, the cursing really isn’t off-putting, at least not after the first couple of minutes. They curse so much, that after about five minutes it just sounds like pet names, which was, I believe, the point.

This movie is action-packed and hilarious. The cast is great, everyone doing a stellar job, and those worried that the McConnaissance was over need fear no more – he just needs the right script and director to shine as brightly as ever. Colin Farrell is, for me, always awesome when he’s not the leading man, and this performance is no exception. I could laude each cast member individually, but I’ll save space by saying they’re all excellent, even those with small roles.

We were varied in our reactions, with the hubs giving the movie 4 stars, my mother-in-law going 4.5, and me going 5, so we’ll settle on the middle. If you want to have a rip-roaring, action-packed, yet smart good time with some lovable and not so lovable rogues, check out The Gentlemen.

4.5 stars out of 5

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