Hamish Downie’s Five Questions with the Creative Team of “Killer Unicorn”

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Hamish came up with this idea because he was accumulating too much material for his Famous News Sushi column and asked if he could do these mini-interviews. Why would we say no?

Thank you Hamish for being such a trooper for us. We really appreciate all for your hard work.

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Producer #ajmattioli and writer/director @bro_landi at the screening of @killerunicornfilm at the #nychff ! Had a great time! This pair is coming together to give you a #metoo thriller called @guysatpartieslikeit ! Make sure to check it out and see how we are going to scare you while making the point, don’t screw with women!! It’s gonna be crazy! Go follow @killerunicornfilm and @guysatpartieslikeit to get your #horror on! #transproducer #gayproducer #indiehorror #horrorfilms #lgbthorror #lgbtq #glbtq #queer #queercinema #cinequeer #gayfilms #gayfilm #queerfilm #queerhorror #metooaf #transman #gayman #equality

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TGG: Thank you for taking the time to talk about your great new LGBT Horror film… but, first – Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

KU: We are the creative team behind “Killer Unicorn.” This is Jose Alvarez, Drew Bolton, and AJ Mattioli. Jose Alvarez is the writer/producer and also plays the character Puppy Pup. Drew is the Director, and AJ Mattioli is the Co-Producer.

TGG: Awesome! Can you tell us about “Killer Unicorn”?

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Y’all know @killerunicornfilm is now available on iTunes and Amazon, right? Watch some of #brooklyn best #dragqueens get #slayed by a sexy #unicorn ! What’s not to love!! @Matt iolipro co-produced for #nitefix owned by @jose_dalvarez and @drewbolton This film is #camp as fuck and is gonna having you scared but laughing the whole time. See why the reviewers have been loving this #gorefest ! . . Shot mostly at @macripark and #sexclub in BK. . #dragqueen #instagay #gaysofinsta #gayhorror #queerhorror #drag #gay #gaymen #gayman #brooklyndrag #gaysnap #gaybottoms #topgay #lgbtq #killerunicorn #dragqueen #nyc #horror #gore #sexymen #dragqueensofinstagram #dragqueenmakeup #bkdrag

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KU: Killer Unicorn is the story of pre-pandemic Anusburg, Brooklyn, where a masked psychopath with a killer bod is taking out all the queens who wronged him until he gets his revenge. The Unicorn kills them off one by one in increasingly gruesome ways, like giving someone an acid enema at Brooklyn’s Annual Enema Party, where patrons come to get douched and dance! Billboard Magazine declared it an “instant cult classic” and with good reason. It has camp for daysss!
TGG: You’ve all worked with a number of Drag Race queens on your projects, like “Words” and “Guys at parties like it”. What are they like to work with?

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Check out @yuhuahamasaki #yuhuahamasaki in the film @guysatpartieslikeit Do to a tornado warning, crazy flooding, rain, and overall weather nonsense, the film has to add a few days. Each day on set costs about 6k. . . So, how can you help make #queerart happen, hit up that indiegogo link in the bio and support is with as little as $1! . . When you support a @mattiolipro film you are helping to pay underrepresented people in the industry. We believe in #diversity on both our cast and crew. Numerous members of our team identify as #lgbtqia and #womenfilmmakers are running departments! #representationmatters So #supportqueerartists and hit up that link! . . . . #drag #dragqueen #instadrag #dragqueens #instadrag #dragqueenmakeup #dragrace #dragmakeup #dragqueensofinstagram #dragqueenshow #dragqueendivas #teendragqueen #dragkids #dragqueensonly #dragrace #dragracememes #asiandrag #asiandragqueen #asiandragqueens #rpdr #rupaul #gayboy #gaymen #mengay #gayasian

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KU: Jose, Drew, and I (AJ) have been working with Drag Queens for several years. Watching some of our friends and cast become famous and recognized is certainly one of our favorite parts. We are all fans of supporting local drag. People remember that they remember that you supported them at an early level.
“Working with Drag Race Queens can be really fun because they usually have a larger budget to work with, but more money more problems! My favorite is to work with friends who get on the show and then want to collaborate…or better yet, working with local queens and making a community effort to bring their art to life!” – Jose Alvarez
“Working with Drag Race queens is a dream. All the queens, Drag Race related or not, I suppose could be compared to method actors… depending on the result you want on camera!” -Drew Bolton

TGG: What’s next for you?

KU: The three of us teamed up for a short film titled S&M Records currently in post-production. It deals with finding the roots of ones sexual desires. Jose is the producer/writer, Drew Directed/Edited/Co-wrote and I (AJ) am a Co-Producer on this as well!
Mattioli Productions is producing a #metoo inspired feature film titled “Guys at Parties Like it” where we have some brutal death scenes. We teamed up with Jose as a Co-Producer for that film, cause he knows horror! The film features Yuhua Hamasaki from “Rupaul’s Drag Race” but in Boy Drag.
Another short film I, AJ Mattioli, am currently pushing is “Neon Boys” and you can check that out at @neonboysthefilm via insta. Available on TLAvideo.com -AJ
Other than “Guys At Parties Like It” season 2 of my podcast “Queers From The Crypt” will be coming out this spring with more ghastly guests! (Season 1 is streaming wherever you get your podcasts!) The podcast focuses on the HBO series “Tales from the Crypt” from a Queer perspective. -Jose

TGG: How do we best support you? (follow on social media, buy your films etc)

KU: Don’t stream our film illegally! You’d be surprised at how many people approach us to say they watched it online for free. For independent films, every single watch counts.

“Killer Unicorn” is available on iTunes, YouTube, VUDU, TLAvideo, GooglePlay, DirectTV, Amazon Instant, and many more!


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TGG: Thanks everyone! We’ve got an interview about “Neon Boys” coming soon!

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