Discovering Your Passion Project in Quarantine | PSA from Mark Ross

The Two Gay Geeks received a message from our good friend, Mark Ross, who is the Producer, Director, (writer, visual effects artist, craft services, and janitorial supervisor) for the film, Curse of the Phantom Shadow.

You may remember us talking to him several times about this project.

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Mark Ross has ben working on his passion project, Curse of the Phantom Shadow for quite sometime. This is a huge project and dream of his since he was very young. He always wanted to make a great film and with Curse of the Phantom Shadow he has that opportunity. He is very committed to this project because it has required him to learn several new skill sets in order to get the film completed. He is almost there and we couldn’t be happier for him.

The Two Gay Geeks have interviewed Mark a couple of times: here and here as well as run a press release with a sneak peek here

Mark had an idea to share his passion with others and created a PSA about finding your passion in the video below:

Find out more about Curse of the Phantom Shadow and Mark at the website below:

Curse of the Phantom Shadow

Twitter: @PhantomShadow

Facebook: @Agent236

Youtube: Buster Fuzz

IMDb: Curse of the Phantom Shadow

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