Ben’s Breakdown | “Things We Dig” is an amusing and bloody shocking vampire short

A filmmaking team is hired to help make a commercial that will be shared only on the Dark Net. This is only the beginning of the unusual nature for this film crew as they discover that this new client is comprised of vampires. Once they get there it becomes even more unusual as these are not your run-of-the-mill vampires.

Written and directed by Pia Thrasher this delightful horror/comedy short film titled Things We Dig is reminiscent of the mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows (2014) by Taika Waititi. Pia is no stranger to the horror/comedy genre having written, directed, and starred in the delightfully warped short film The Appointment from 2015 she once again gets to (pardon the expression) sink her teeth into one of the most entertaining film genres out there.

From the start, we see a very odd vampire family made up entirely of women of varying ages in more ways than one. We have Lucretia who appears to be in her late 20s, and then there is Helgi who hails from the Viking era but looks to be in her 30s. There is also the vampire Brynn ‘The Hacker’ who looks to be about 8 but is the oldest of the family and also has probably the foulest mouth in the film. Lastly, there is Kuni von Stechen who has several minor problems with being a vampire, not the least of which is a fang problem. Their relationships aren’t unlike many other siblings in that they bicker and fight a lot. How they fight is a completely different matter. As for why the film crew is there, this cadre of vampires has a specialized service that they wish to advertise, and the only place they could even dream of advertising is on the Dark Net. That brings us to this specialized service. Without giving anything away, I’ll simply say that it was quite shocking but not entirely surprising given the wonderfully creative and warped mind of Pia Thrasher.

The cast for this short film pretty much comes from the San Diego area and have (please pardon the expression again) cut their teeth in the independent film market. It’s a good-sized cast and crew but the two stand-out performances were Morgan Marlow as Brynn and Marc Biagi as cameraman Miles. Starting with the young Marlow, this young actress is a force of nature. She is brash and full of attitude. She also has a dynamic flair for comedy and she will no doubt carve quite a name for herself. Then there is Marc Biagi who has quite the acting and voice-acting career. He is simply a natural in front of the camera. His sense of comedic timing is like clockwork, but he also knows how to dial it back with muted reactions as well that provide the perfect payoff when needed.

The production values are quite rich. I am not the biggest fan of films that reduce color saturation or lean heavily towards a specific color palate. Happily, that isn’t the case here. This film has some rich red tones that emphasize the unique nature of the vampires’ home, and the set decoration would make the Addams Family green with envy.

I love good horror films. I especially love good horror/comedy films, and Things We Dig is the perfect indie short-film to watch with a glass of very red wine and a good laugh.

Since this is an independent short film the intent is for it to make the rounds at Film Festivals once the Great Pause has truly lifted and festivals start up again. Once we get word we here at TG2 Studios will be sure to announce where Things We Dig can be seen so that everyone else can see how deliciously twisted this film truly is!

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