TG Geeks Celebrates Six Years

The Two Gay Geeks, aka TG Geeks are celebrating six years in existence. It has been a very interesting six years podcasting and publishing content.

Have a look below for some background and highlights from the last six years.

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It all started way back at the end of Summer 2013 when Slice of SciFi began to wind down the Mennenga and Farpoint Media incarnation. Slice of SciFi as a podcast/ radio/ youtube show had ceased to produce any more episodes. At the time Ben and I had been regular contributors to Slice on the shows for over a year. Now that was gone.

I know Ben had always been interested in Slice and podcasting since the early days when he would listen to Slice on his old second-generation iPod. He had also been podcasting with Eugene Glover of Fusion Patrol Podcast (which actually grew out of a cable access show, for anyone that remembers those). When presented with the opportunity to participate on Slice, he jumped at it and then drug me along…..

As it turned out, we both caught the podcasting bug. And then we had no outlet. I knew Ben was getting antsy about being creative and wanted something to pour his creative passions into such as a podcast. So, one Saturday morning as I woke up early (as usual) I got to thinking and researching on the internets to find that it may not be that hard to create a website and publish a podcast from there. I presented this to Ben who was not immediately gung ho about it but was interested. His main concern was if we had the proper equipment and how do we set it all up and then is it going to cost us a bunch of money.

I was able to answer all of those questions and get him satisfied with the following information. At some point in the last couple of months of Slice, Mike had given me a whole box of old equipment he had laying around (we didn’t know he was selling the house so, he was cleaning out the closets, basically). Enough stuff so that we could put together a podcast. I signed up with Yahoo Small Business and they had a website builder and it was cheap. So, we had what we needed.

On June 20, 2014, we published our first article saying we are here. And then on June 26th, we published our first podcast. And the rest is history….

In six years we have gone from a sporadically published podcast with a few articles on the website to publishing a podcast every Monday morning for the last three years and publishing an article almost daily for that time as well. We have missed a few days here and there of publishing but, we try to get something out.

We have had our ups and downs but, for the most part, we have found the podcast and website to be a positive element in our lives. And after almost 24 years together we have a mutual hobby that we both like and it has brought us closer together.

In the last several years we have gone from being a geeky podcast where we just happen to be The Two Gay Geeks to being a podcast and website that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in our articles as well as our podcast. And we have also found a focus on Independent Creators. As we are fond of saying, we have found Independent Creators that have turned out a better product than some big studios, publishers, etc.

Thanks for coming along on this wild ride in the podosphere and we look forward to many more years bringing you our unique brand of insanity.

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