“This Got Made” hosted by Carlton Tetley – Episode 2

The Two Gay Geeks are pleased to offer this series of reviews published every other Saturday. This Got Made hosted by Carlton Tetley is a welcome addition to our geeky lineup of content.

Thanks to Michele and Al for dreaming this up. Enjoy!

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This Got Made – Episode 2

Comic books have the power to escape the mundane, to educate beyond our classrooms, and to inspire us to pursue our personal dreams and visions…and then there’s the books we review on this show. Join host Carlton Tetley as he takes a look at some of the bizarre bits of pop culture that give even the most storied reader pause to wonder why This…Got…Made!

Carlton Tetley (a Blue-ish puppet) hosts a review of some of the most interesting(?) comic books ever made. His views and humor are a delight.

About the Creators

Al Sparrow has been reading funnybooks since he started swiping them out of his older sisters’ rooms as a toddler. This prolonged exposure has given him a love of the medium, including the books he lampoons in this series (particularly the books he lampoons in this series). He’s the co-creator of independent comics Thugs! and Red Skirts, and works on his own funnybooks and sketchbooks inbetween filming a comic-reviewing puppet with his wife.

Michele Snyder grew up on a steady diet of all things Muppet-based. A lifelong Kermit the Frog fangirl, she has the Muppet Movie pretty much memorized. Given the opportunity to learn how to build her own puppets, she dove in feet first and has been learning (and loving) the craft of puppetry, along with voice over training. She tolerates her husband’s ever-growing comic collection, while he does his best to stay out of her sewing room.

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