Pia Thrasher Releases Trailer for New Short, “Things We Dig”

The Two Gay Geeks have an exciting press release AND trailer for you today; Our good friend Pia Thrasher has released the trailer for her new film, “Things We Dig”. This will show you a little bit of what Ben got excited about when he reviewed the whole short film.

As always, Pia has some surprises in store for you in the film. Look for it at a Film Festival near you, soon.

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“Things We Dig” is about four female vampires that want to expand their business. So, they have a plan, but will it work?

Pia wanted to make another film after the success of her short, “The Appointment”, which we saw at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival. We like her immediately and became friends. So, when she started her Indiegogo campaign for the film, we contributed.
Of course, several things like LIFE got in the way of competing the film right away. They searched for the right location and every time they think they had the right one, somebody else bought he property…. And a few other minor items postponed the actual shoot and completion but, it is now complete and ready for film festivals worldwide.

We know most of the cast and couldn’t be more excited to see where this film goes. In Pia’s own words; This time, we’re making a horror comedy with a bigger cast, much more twisted humor and a longer running time (about 20 minutes).

Here is the trailer for “Things We Dig”

"Things We Dig" official Trailer from Pia Thrasher on Vimeo.

Let us know what you think and we will pass it along to Pia.

And if you are wondering what the big deal about “The Appointment” is, here is the short that started it all:

The Appointment – short film from Pia Thrasher on Vimeo.

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