Screwball Noir Short “The Hit” Scheduled to World Premiere at LA Shorts Fest

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Scheduled to World Premiere at LA Shorts Fest.

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(Los Angeles, CA) – October 5, 2020. Award-winning actress Hilary Barraford stars in a new genre short called The Hit that director Jason A. White likes to call a “cromage noir” standing for the acronym of crime, comedy, romance and fromage, intentionally making it sound cheesy.

The Hit is White’s directorial debut and is having its world premiere at the Oscar® qualifying LA Shorts Fest. This means that if the short wins at this highly curated competition, it will become eligible for an Oscar® submission.

Screening details:

LA Shorts International Film Festival
October 6th, 2020
Comedy Program 3

Teaser Trailer:

The Hit – Open Tease Stereo-H264 from Jason White on Vimeo.

The Hit tells the story of a hard-hearted hitwoman, Marcy Frumpkin, falling in love with Norman Winter, a suicidal shlemiel who’s been stealing from his boss, and she’s been hired to kill him. Can she find love at last or will her job catch up to her?

“Starting with a character who’s an assassin, I found I could tell a story about two lonely people who take their negative feelings and act out in anti-societal ways. I identify with both of them. That they find each other is hopeful… It was a great metaphor for my own destructive behavior in relation to romantic entanglements… which, in film, I could defuse with some yuks,” says director Jason A. White.

You can’t bury love, even if you are a hitwoman. Produced as a droll screwball noir, The Hit pilots its humor to shed light on human connectivity and to discover the odds of finding true love. To make the characters absurd and stylized, director Jason A. White purposefully manipulates some old visual effect tropes to resonate with the influence of the Golden Age of studio filmmaking.

“I needed to shorthand and accelerate the characters falling in love, so, growing up loving old Hollywood movies, I wanted to pay homage to that era and poke fun at it with the clearly fake rear-projection plates. I put on extra filters in post-production to saturate the color to go as close as I could get to a Technicolor look, despite my limited budget . The idea was to underline and intensify the romance and silliness which hopefully makes the ending land,” Jason A. White adds.

“I loved playing this character. With 10 wardrobe changes and nearly as many changes of heart in 7 minutes, this was the kind of challenge that doesn’t come around often as an actor,” says Hilary Barraford. “I’m grateful to director Jason White for believing I was up to it!” she adds.

The Hit is written and directed by Jason A. White. Produced by Kamilla Brenneysen. Director of Photography: Ilya Chegodar. Editor: Michael Stathopoulos. Composer: Michael Flannery. The film stars Hilary Barraford as Marcy Frumkin, Matthew Rocheleau as Norman Winter, Craig Cackowski as the client and Jeff Lorch as the ex-boyfriend.
About the director:

Jason A. White co-wrote the feature film Silver Case (which featured Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts). He has written web-content for ABC Family, punch-up comedy and wraparounds for the Discovery Channel’s The Christopher Lowell Show, advertising/copywriting campaigns for various film studios and television networks (including Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, and ABC Television). Additionally, he was a features writer for the Austin American-Statesman, the New York City columnist for Rochester’s Scene Magazine, and a contributor to the now-defunct Zed and Flatiron News. Jason was also the film programmer for the Austin Film Festival (1997-98). He worked at HBO Documentary Programming and LeFrak Productions in New York. He’s a champion bowler, a pretty good swimmer, and rices his own cauliflower, because the unexamined life is not worth living.

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Official Website:



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Twitter: @TheHitShort

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