Will We Ever See a “Xena: Warrior Princess”… Anything?

The Two Gay Geeks have this article to discuss Xena:Warrior Princess rumors and conjecture about anything new concerning Xena. There is some good and bad in what we have to report.

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Well, Xena: Warrior Princess has turned 25 last month and we are still waiting with a worm on our tongue for a reboot, a movie, a mini-series, or just anything about our beloved, dare I say Greek Goddess (she certainly was a goddess to some)?

We ran an article several years ago about a possibility of a movie after some turmoil that seems to always surround Xena. First she was in a reboot, then it was confirmed that she wasn’t.

For some years now rumors of a rebooted Xena have been floating around which included the original executive producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, and those same rumors suggest that NBC is looking to recapture all of the charm that Lawless brought to the character in the original series, but to also insert much of the intelligence that Katniss has in The Hunger Games, in the hopes of creating a fantasy series for the sophisticated superhero fan present in today’s generation. At least that was as of 2015 with the movie to be released in 2016.

Have you seen it? Nope! Because it never got off the ground.

Unfortunately, in August of 2017, NBC pulled the plug on the movie but according to reporting at the time, they remain open to the idea should the right concept emerge.

We can take some solace in re-watching (if you don’t already own the DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s) all six seasons on Syfy for free right now.

For the super fans that want to connect with others wanting a movie, try the Xena Movie Campaign Facebook Page

That is about all we know. We wish we could say more but, it is impossible to know the unknowable.

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