Can You Help Joshua Tree for Thanksgiving?

The Two Gay Geeks have a very soft spot for the Joshua Feeding Program. It is one of our favorite local charities not only because of what they do but because of the people that are involved in running the program day in and day out.

Please consider making a donation to Joshua Tree Feeding Program.

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From Joshua Tree Feeding Program

In the year of pandemic two of our donors are closed and cannot order turkeys for Thanksgiving. We need to purchase those 75 turkeys ourselves.

We normally hand out between 140 to 150 turkeys for Thanksgiving to out clients every year.

Our clients are low income people living with HIV in Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Turkey are too expensive for many of them to purchase.
For only $15 per client, we can make sure that our clients will get a turkey for Thanksgiving.

No single adult, couple, or family should go without a turkey this Thanksgiving.

If you can donate please click on the link below. Thank you.

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About Joshua Tree Feeding Program

The goal of Joshua Tree Feeding Program is to provide nourishment to low-income HIV+ residents of Maricopa County. We provide balanced meals from our pantry as well as medical and community resources to encourage self-sustainability of our clients in a social, supportive and welcoming environment where privacy, cultural, spiritual and religious values are respected.

Our expanded services give assistance to our client’s pets, and provide food and supplies to keep the pets in low income homes to maintain the comfort and support they provide to those with HIV/AIDS

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