Russ Emanuel Launches Indiegogo Campaign for New Film, “Staycation”

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release form our good friend Russ Emanuel about his new film, Staycation. There is an Indiegogo campaign to raise some funds for completion of the film.

Read below for more information.

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We are launching our new film “Staycation Finishing Funds” Indiegogo Campaign! This is the film we shot two weekends ago, starring Olivia d’Abo (Star Wars), Sean Kenney (Star Trek: The Original Series), Tracee Cocco (Star Trek: The Next Generation)! Come join us, we have lots of perks for you to choose from!

We have perks such as credits in the film and on the IMDb, customized T-shirts with unique in-universe brands created specifically for the film, a poster signed by the cast and director, invitations to our world premiere, a limited edition DVD of the film when completed and dramatic cameos in the film. Thank you in advance, come join us, and Go Team Staycation!
Here is the Indiegogo Link

StayCation Synopsis

Lead virologist Edward Bellows plays tête-a-tête with hard-hitting journalist Grace Baxter as the world collapses under the weight of a global pandemic. She holds nothing back as she fires question after question, seeking answers from the beleaguered professor. Meanwhile, a couple Matt and Cathy, stuck in lockdown and separated between continents, spend some belated quality time via webcam toasting to foreign brandy and reminiscing on the past.

Why an Indiegogo Campaign

The production needs finishing funds for our latest sci-fi horror film “Staycation” in our Pandemic franchise (which started with the award-winning “Routine”). This film stars Olivia d’Abo (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Wonder Years, Conan the Destroyer), Sean Kenney (Star Trek: The Original Series), Tracee Cocco (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: First Contact) along with newcomers Bailey Sorrel and Gilles Stricher. Filming took place during November 2020 and we were able to get all of our shots, but because production took place right in the midst of the pandemic, the costs due to COVID were a lot more than we originally anticipated. Most of the extra costs went to HVAC air filtration units, PPE kits, hiring Covid personnel, and rapid testing services. Also, post-production will include extensive visual effects, motion graphics and compositing. Additionally, there will be a music score and elaborate sound design work.

Staycation Facebook Page:

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