“Matcha & Vanilla” drops original Christmas Carol


Hamish Downie has a press release for us about a new Christmas Carol to be released.

Have a read and look at the video.

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Hamish Downie (of “5 Questions with”, “News Sushi”, and the TGGeeks Podcast feedback section fame) is delighted to be able to announce the release of the Christmas Carol, “Bells are Ringing, Hallelujah” as the teaser single from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Matcha & Vanilla.

The soon to be classic track, was produced by Deron Reynolds of Blue Orb Productions and sung by Karen Hitchcock, who was a friend of Hamish’s since they studied together at the school now known as the Hunter School for Performing Arts (then Broadmeadow High School).

Says Hamish, “I originally had asked Deron to do a cover of the traditional Christmas tune, ‘Carol of the Bells’, as I loved it’s haunting melody, but Deron instead went away and wrote a new song, which I think will become a minor classic Christmas song.”

Now, in advance of the release of the film, everyone can now stream and buy this incredible traditional-style Christmas Carol.
Stream and buy on Bandcamp:

Deron Reynolds runs Blue Orb Productions, his own music label and project studio for songwriting, arranging and making soundtracks for film. He started professional songwriting for Giza Records in Osaka for several of their J-pop artists including Ohno Aika and Aiuchi Rina. From kids music to pop hits Deron has ample experience writing music that fits any project. Matcha and Vanilla is the third film he has soundtracked to date. When he isn’t busy making tracks you can find him playing piano and singing as a piano man around the Kansai area of Japan.

Karen Hitchcock grew up in the Hunter Region of NSW Australia. From an early age she immersed herself in dance and singing, joining Opera Hunter at the age of 14. She studied year 9 to year 12 at The Broadmeadow School (performing arts high school). Karen studied classical singing under the tutelage of Susan Hawkins Hart and later on under opera singer Christa Lehmann where she joined Opera South. For the last 16 years she has worked in retail management where she currently resides in the Canberra region of Australia. Karen’s contribution to Matcha and Vanilla is her first performance after a long hiatus and her first collaboration with Deron Reynolds and long time friend and filmmaker Hamish Downie.
Stream on Youtube:

Matcha & Vanilla is coming soon to Gagaoolala.

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