Puerto Rican Trans Woman, Nomi Ruiz to Star in “Haymaker” Releasing January 29th

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our friend, Tatum Wan at KWPR about a movie being released in theaters on January 29th. This is an important film about and featuring a transgender performer.

We want to be supportive of all of our identified communities, especially the transgender community.

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Love packs a punch when a retired martial arts fighter finds he has one more shot in life in writer-director Nick Sasso’s debut drama HAYMAKER. After his career in the ring comes to a crossroads, Nick (NICK SASSO), a retired Muay Thai fighter, drifts through the New York nightlife scene…until he accepts a job as the bodyguard of international singing performer Nomi (NOMI RUIZ).

Initially unhappy about the arrangement, Nick finds himself drawn to the enigmatic trans woman he now works for. As the two travel from Greece to L.A. to Bangkok to Mexico City, Nick makes the decision to get back into the ring aided by his supportive brother (D. B. SWEENEY) and his coach (ZOË BELL). But while Nick knows this fight is his last best chance at redemption — his “haymaker” punch, his Hail Mary pass — he has to figure out what he and Nomi mean to each other. A true independent film in the classic sense, HAYMAKER boasts mesmerizing performances in a globe-spanning, hypnotic drama that grapples with who we are to ourselves, and what we mean to each other.

HAYMAKER Written, Directed, and Edited by Nick Sasso. Starring Nomi Ruiz, Nick Sasso, John Ventimiglia, Veronica Falcón. Special appearance by Udo Kier. With Zoë Bell and D.B. Sweeney. Executive Producers, Andrew Linder, Jonathan Marcus Cohen, Zoë Bell. Co-Producers Branden James Maxham, Michael Ficara. Associate Producers, Brett Hlavacek, Issa-Jean Sarr, Ethan Rosenberg, Brett Gursky. Director of Photography Brent Johnson. Original Score by Chris Thomas. Sound Design by Spencer Hall.
Production Design by Jose Fernando Cavazos, Jeff Subik, Travis Devine. Costume Design by Michael Bevins, Vivian Pavlos, Jose Fernando Cavazos. Casting by David Guglielmo, c.s.a. Visual Effects by Nick Sasso, Mike Stoltz, Jacob Abrams. Music Supervisor Gabe McDonough.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Haymaker_Movie

About Nomi Ruiz

Singer, songwriter, actress, essayist Nomi Ruiz became the first Puerto Rican trans woman to perform on prestigious stages worldwide after appearing on Hercules & Love Affair’s debut album. She continued venturing into electronic music as Jessica 6 further solidifying her status as an international artist and is set to release her solo album Jet Black in 2020. She made her acting debut on Kurt Sutter’s Sons Of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC and is set to star in the feature Muay Thai Drama film Haymaker. Ruiz has also expanded her work as a writer, publishing intimate essays on gender, sex, sexuality, toxic masculinity and inclusivity in Jezebel, The Fader, The Advocate, Talkhouse and more.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NomiRuiz

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