Oscar@ Contender “Mother’s Day Memories” Tackles Alzheimer’s Struggle, Family Conflict

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from Bill Hoverston about his new film, Mother’s Day Memories, a film about the effects of Alzheimers on a family.

Please have a look and help spread the word about this unforgiving disease that has far-reaching consequences.

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This multi-award-winning short film takes an intense, provocative look at the disease’s effect on a family – with a woman’s Alzheimer’s at the center of her son’s agitation and her husband’s denial. Her condition worsens, increasing the tension until tragedy and the exposure of a family secret ensue.

In the spirit of Oscar@ winner Still Alice, this touching story dispels myths about Alzheimer’s, while evoking compassion for those affected by the disease. Mother’s Day Memories is based on Writer-Producer-Actor Bill Hoversten’s own mother’s story. Cannes-nominated Matthew Michael Ross directs the cast of Jody Jaress, Conrad Bachman and Kat Kramer (daughter of Oscar@ nominee Stanley Kramer Director and Producer of Judgment at Nuremberg, High Noon, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and others).

The support organization Alzheimer’s LA praises the film, stating it “makes the case for understanding and empathy toward those struggling with Alzheimer’s.”

With the disease impacting a growing number of individuals – as well as their loved ones and caregivers – Mother’s Day Memories could not be more timely.


Mother's Day Memories Trailer from Matthew Michael Ross on Vimeo.


When a woman develops Alzheimer’s her husband denies her condition to others, yet tries to “cure” her with his homemade regimen. Her son, convinced she deserves better treatment, fights with his father. The conflict escalates, until a tragedy leads to the revelation of a deep family secret.

This story is an appreciation for my mother, whose love endured even as her memories faded. After initial development meetings at Hallmark, I decided to produce it myself. I assembled a veteran cast and crew and turned to Matthew Michael Ross to polish the script, direct, and edit. As line producer I tried to raise the bar on what a small film could be. I became a SAG signatory, paid the actors upfront, and arranged free transport. And to focus our effort, I had cast and crew begin the shoot with a unifying verbal statement of support for those affected by Alzheimer’s.
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