The Major Arcana Releases Debut Album “At the Devil’s Ball”

The Two Gay Geeks have another press release form Scott J Ramsey, this one is about a new companion album to his film, “X” entitled, “At the Devils Ball” from his band The Major Arcana.

Check it out and go buy it.

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San Francisco, CA – The Major Arcana is thrilled to invite you to put on your best masque and experience the release of their debut album At The Devil’s Ball, available on February 16 on all music platforms.

After five years of blood, sweat, and rose petals, the 10 track debut will be available in synchrony with the online premiere of the indie queer erotic thriller feature film “X”, and features several songs from the film’s Original Soundtrack. The Major Arcana vocalist/songwriter Scott J. Ramsey was the director and co-writer of “X”, while instrumentalist Kevin De Nicolo was one of the film’s producers and co-composer.

Described as “an electro-cabaret”, At The Devil’s Ball will showcase The Major Arcana’s futuristic take on a theatrical, gothic pop style reminiscent of New Wave artists like Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure. According to Ramsey, the album, the music videos it spawned, and the film X together form a “transmedia art experience.”

“In our house, anything goes. At the devil’s ball, your masque is your real face – you choose what the world sees. This album is a yearning for limitlessness,” says Ramsey. “These songs are very pop, but these sounds Kevin made are very destructive sounds – they sound like knives, spinning blades, blenders. Our movie is about subverting roles, and this album is about trying to destroy them.”

Singles include “Knave”, a gothic electronic rock song written partially in the 19th Century underground British gay language Polari, with a music video featuring prominant YouTuber Austin Wallis, inspired by Leigh Bowery and Through the Looking Glass by way of Pink Narcissus. Three music videos for songs from the album screened at U.S. and International film festivals including Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival and Bowery Film Festival in NYC.

Available on Apple Music:

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