Tom Heard’s “Getting It” Available for Streaming

The Two Gay Geeks have this press release about “Getting It”, the film made by Tom Heard, who we interviewed this past Monday.

Please have a look and go find it on streaming platforms Dekoo and Amazon Prime.

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Getting It

Jamie (Tom Heard) is a singer whose cabaret partner and boyfriend dumped him a year ago. Since then, he has angrily shut out the world, licking his wounds and always putting himself first. His best friend Elaine (Sharron Bower) has had it, and calls out his selfishness, which only hurts Jamie and pushes him further inward. Jamie’s neighbor, Ben, (Donato De Luca) is a poet who is reeling from the devastating loss of his mother a year ago, and currently lives like a hermit with his brother, Luke, and sister-in-law, Alicia. When Alicia asks Jamie to reach out to Ben, Jamie sees his opportunity to be generous and prove Elaine wrong. Slowly, Jamie starts falling for Ben. But has Jamie really changed?

Director’s Statement

A few years ago, I was fresh off the heels of playing a Doctor on an episode of NBC’s, Friday Night Lights when I was cast as another Doctor on an episode of the ABC Family show, The Lying Game. My happiness lasted 24 hours as the following day my agent called me with the news that the network was going with the director’s second choice. Actors work hard to win a part and when the rug is pulled out from under them with no explanation it’s not pretty.

Frustrated that I has little to no power concerning my own career, I made the decision to make my own movie and write the kind of role I wanted to play. (Casting guaranteed.)

I had never taken on a serious writing project. I dabbled with poetry, writing tributes to my friends and family. I even wrote a couple of sonnets. My best friend, Michael had been challenging me for years to write more. His belief in me gave me the courage to give it a shot.
When I sat down to write, Getting It, I wanted to write a love story for two men where being gay wasn’t the story. No one would be coming out hoping for acceptance or worried about disapproval from anyone. Just a film about two men whose life journeys led them to each other and where their individual personality traits and circumstances are the story.

Interpersonal relationships and the dynamics between two people have always fascinated me far more than any other kind of story. Especially when those two people are trying to merge their lives. The personal flaws, insecurities, and desires any two people bring to a relationship present a multitude of hurdles and obstacles. And when love is present the stakes are high.

This is the kind of movie I choose to make and the kind of movie I hope, Getting It is.

To make a relationship-based film I knew I had to find exceptional actors to bring the story to life and hold the audience’s interest. I am very fortunate that, Getting It has brilliant actors who supply everything their characters require and more. They are a writer/director’s dream come true. And as an actor, it is always exciting for me to play a scene with actors who not only knocks the ball over the net but put their own unique spin on it. So as an actor/writer/director I was thrilled on all levels.

Getting It is a statement about getting out of your own way. Tearing down the walls of insecurity, doubt and selfishness people build up that isolate them from the world. This is what the central character, Jamie has done. He is an angry, wounded soul when the film opens. When Ben enters Jamie’s life with his own set of challenges and vulnerabilities, Jamie has a choice to make. Either maintain the comfortable status quo of brooding and mistrust in his self-made isolation, or recognize that life is what one puts into it and summon the courage, energy and good faith to put someone else first and possibly reap the rewards of living an unselfish life.

Jamie: Tom Heard
Ben: Donato De Luca
Elaine: Sharron Bower
Alicia: Lesley Pedersen
Luke: Jason Graf
Linus: Adriane Laguette
Patrick: Luke Hill
David: Rob Kaczmarek
Sunny: Laura Galt
Estelle: Lana Dieterich
Susan: Juliet Robb
Motel Clerk: Jane Schwartz
Written, Produced & Directed by: Tom Heard
Executive Producers: Richard Wolff & Richard Ross
Director of Photography: Caleb B. Kuntz
Editor: David Gutierrez
Music Composer: Nicholas Jones
Casting: Tom Heard
Sound by: Siegen Bretzke
Additional Casting: Ashley Guaragna


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