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The Two Gay Geeks have been selected to participate in the Podcast Awards – The People’s Choice. We are very excited about this opportunity. This is the 16th year of the awards and this year they have created several new categories for nomination. We are in the LGBTQ Category.

We hope you will support us by going to PodcastAwards.Com and voting for us.

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Nominate TG Geeks Webcast at PodcastAwards.Com


Click Here: PodcastAwards.Com


Here are the instructions for voting. (I went through the process to make sure there are no surprises for you.)
You do have to give Podcast Awards your email address (and verify) to vote for us but, they have promised to delete it once the voting is over.
Here is the first sign up screen:

Here are the instructions on the voting page:

Here is our category (obviously with TG Geeks Webcast selected).
We would very much appreciate your support.
Please spread the word.

Now, you may nominate other podcasts in other categories if you are a Podcast Listener.
Once you have made all of your selections, please press ave Nominations.

Click Here: PodcastAwards.Com

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