Hamish Downie’s Five Questions With Sean Patrick Murtagh

We have a special Five Questions on a Tuesday as Sean’s Cabaret show is beginning this week. See below.

Editor Note: Hamish has another in his series of Five Questions With…

Hamish came up with this idea because he was accumulating too much material for his Famous News Sushi column and asked if he could do these mini-interviews. Why would we say no?

Thank you Hamish for being such a trooper for us. We really appreciate all for your hard work.

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TGG: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

SPM: Hello everyone! My name is Sean Patrick Murtagh, I am an actor and singer based in New York City originally from San Francisco. It’s a long name, so you can just call me Sean, SP, Sean Patrick if you’d like, even Seanie Boy still works.

TGG: Full disclosure (pun intended), Sean recently acted in a short film that I wrote, so I have to ask, could you tell us about your
latest film, “Night Disclosure”?

SPM: Night Disclosure is great short film written by Hamish Downie and produced & directed by AJ Mattioli. It’s a fun and sexy movie that
looks into intimacy and monogamy among gay men. The film is a little dark in its exploration, but ultimately its a love story that will definitely surprise viewers. I don’t want to give too much away before you watch because I would like everyone to have the experience I had when I first read the script, thinking I knew how the story would go… and then being completely wrong! My costar, José D. Álvarez, is a wonderful scene partner and I felt completely safe working with him and exploring our characters together.


TGG: What attracted you to the project, and what was it like shooting during the pandemic?

SPM: I have been a fan and follower of AJ’s work for some time, way back when he was doing videography for drag queens in Hell’s Kitchen and happily have been cheering him on throughout all his projects. It was actually AJ who reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in working on a short film, which I immediately responded emphatically, “YES!” So I read the script and absolutely fell in love with the characters. I felt as if I knew who these two men were- they could be my friends, they could be me, they could be any gay men who have questioned commitment, monogamy, open relationships, transparency and how it relates to them. Personally, I’m all about what is agreed upon between the parties involved and consent at all times as the perfect choice, so I really enjoyed this script opening the conversation.

I have been working throughout the pandemic both as a nanny and in a restaurant, so I wasn’t as anxious about being in a room of people during the pandemic. Following protocols and masking up have been a part of my routine since day one of lockdown. I truly was just excited to be working and grateful to be working with such great material and with such a talented team.

AJ is extremely professional and accommodating- Covid compliance and protocol was EXTREMELY important to a safe work environment, so in a
particularly chilly November in NYC, José and I were filming with windows open to create the proper ventilation for everyone’s safety. The night before the shoot a Covid Compliance Officer (One of our producers, Jose) came to test at our homes and our temperatures were taken throughout the day.

TGG: Can you tell us about your cabaret show?

SPM: I’ve been working on a few different cabarets throughout the pandemic. The first set of cabarets was a biweekly virtual show THE PANTSLESS LIVING ROOM CONCERT SERIES. Every other week was a different theme and set of songs, and as advertised, I did them all without pants on. A lot of people asked, “WHY?” So many people were posting about working from home not wearing pants, and I didn’t want to be left out of a trend. So to honor and capture the moment, I decided to present my concerts without any pants on. Some people loved it… some unfollowed me… but the series was nominated for a BroadwayWorld Cabaret Award.

Currently, I am working on a new virtual series- THE MARIO 100! A year long concert series celebrating the Mario Lanza Centennial. Over 12
concerts I will be covering 100 songs from the legendary Mario Lanza Songbook, which includes, Opera, Broadway, Neapolitan, Standards, and
much more. Every month I present a new concert highlighting the diverse themes and music the golden tenor sang. This concert series has also become somewhat of an experiment and documentation of my transition from a lyric baritone to a lyric tenor. You don’t have to know what anyone that means, just that my voice is changing and y’all get a front row seat in real time to watch the growth and discoveries show to show.

TGG: So, what’s next for you?

SPM: Up next I am performing at the WEST BANK CAFE on July 21st doing a 2 hour set of Showtunes, Neapolitan, Boleros, and Standards. Come on

I am also continuing my concert series THE MARIO 100! Concert No. 7 DEVOTION goes live on July 24th at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST at Facebook.com/Seanieboysfnyc.

AND… I’m also working on a pilot filming this September. It’s an interesting concept and a wonderful cast of characters. As soon as I can tell you more about it, I will!

TGG: Finally, how can we best support you? Where can we buy tickets to your show, watch your movie and follow you on social media?

The best way to stay up to date with my gigs and projects is to follow me on social media- if I have news to share, you will find it there.
Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ TikTok: @SeanieboySFNYC
Subscribe to me on YouTube: Sean Patrick Murtagh. Visit www.SeanPatrickMurtagh.com

Shoot me a message if you’d like to be added to my mailing list.

I perform mostly in San Francisco and New York, but will travel anywhere for a great audience.


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