Ben’s Breakdown | “The Test” Is So Good, It Kills!

The Two Gay Geeks have the good fortune of being friends with so many wonderful filmmakers who share their work with us. One of those is the talented Pia Thrasher, who we have interviewed a couple of times and seen virtually everything she has made. Pia shared her most recent short with us and we have a review AND the link to the film so, you can enjoy it as much as we did.

Read the review and watch the film, or watch the film and read the review.

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The Test by Pia Thrasher


The Test from Pia Thrasher on Vimeo.

Starring, written, and directed by Pia Thrasher, The Test is the latest indie short film from this multi-talented creator. It is also, in my opinion, her finest work yet. From the very opening moments through to the end this independent film does not look or feel independent. The cinematography looks, well… professional. The editing of this movie looks, well.. professional. The acting looks, well, it also looks professional. Everything about this short film has the appearance of something put out by a big movie studio, the length of the film notwithstanding.

Cinematographer Peter Mickelsen has had plenty of experience cutting his teeth working in big studio productions before striking out in the indie film market, and it shows. His camera work throughout the entire film is nothing short of outstanding. In a humorous twist, editor Peter Stoll, who also plays “the body” has all of the scenes cut and put together in a way so that not one second of storytelling is wasted. Deepti Kingra plays Raj, the “apprentice killer” who is being tested. Her acting and timing create the perfect believability that she is being tested for taking over Alex’s job. Then there is Alex, played to perfection by Thrasher herself. As an actor, she has continually grown with each part she takes on, and while many past roles have had a dark comedic quality to them this is the first time I’ve seen her take on a more dramatic role and I found it to be her finest performance yet. Both Kingra and Thrasher gave performances that did not feel or look like “acting.” Instead, they came off as if they were those very characters with all of the subtleties that such characters would have. With the acting, the cinematography editing, and the directing, The Test has proven once again one does not need to look to the big studios to find talent. There are more than plenty of wonderfully talented people already working in the independent film market.

The Test was made simply for the love of it, as well as for Thrasher and company to maintain some bit of sanity during this Great Pause. It has not made the Film Festival circuit at this time, but it has been made available on Vimeo purely for all to see and enjoy. There is one bit of interesting trivia. According to Thrasher, she and her crew literally finished working on this short film this past Friday the 13th and it’s as fresh as “first spilled blood!”

For its outstanding acting and craftsmanship, I give The Test 5 out of 5 shovels!!!

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