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The October sky of 1962. The Cold War was punctuated by mushroom cloud. Six years later the American Union re-formed, the survivors divided. One side huddled under authoritarian banner, in the palm of crushing power, drowned by the illusion of security. The other side cast into shadows as hunted, oppressed into survival mode, stained by marks of imposed hatred of otherisms.

Nuclear Power is about a great many things: nationalism, xenophobia, liberty, security, human rights, misanthropy, unity, bigotry, information … but above all, humanity. It, in a six-issue span, is the story of human extremes: that of fear and that of hope. It’s of who we were, who we are, and who we become when the worst comes to pass. It is beautiful and wretched, gritty and cold, warm and ancestral.

The hook of Nuclear Power as a whole barbs itself into our collective psyche as we identify ourselves between the lines. It reaches, fingers outstretched, into our generational trauma, not to grab but to hold. It stretches out a grandmother’s hand while she whispers, “Child, remember.”

Remember Smallpox on blankets.

Remember Missionaries.

Remember Residential Schools.

Remember boundaries and borders drawn.

Remember February 19, 1942 and if the date fails you, remember the Interment Camps.

Remember Sundown Towns.

Remember Hooknose jokes.

Remember drinking fountains and public pools.

Remember the wrong color to be when towers fell.

Remember children in cages.

Remember full jails in full sun in sick Summers.

Remember the wrong gender to be when controlling sex and reproduction.

Remember the wrong person to love when a patriot to the nation.

“Remember, and take my hand,” she whispers.

This is what Nuclear Power does. This is the secret to the magic trick, the thing that no respectable magician should reveal. This is what left me weeping with shoulders slack, hand-in-hand with genetic memory. This is the art of it all.

The finale to Nuclear Power, the last in the six-issue run, is chocked full of action. It’s powerful and frantic, as unstoppable as a bullet from a gun. It gives us the battle between interpersonal humanitarianism and the force with which the powerful wish to hold onto their power. One side offers the literal, “Go on without me, I’ll just slow you down,” against a side that would put a bullet in the head attached to a dissenting expression. The death knell is the truth. The truth, the information given to the people, rips the mask from the monsters. It is triumphant, real, human hope.

It is the illustrated love-song to the children of tomorrow, that they should not shoulder the hatred of our today, with our hands, fingers-flared from the future, whispering back toward them one day, “Remember.”

Nuclear Power will never leave you once you experience it. It was there all along.

Nuclear Power is a 6-issue series published by Fanbase Press. Written by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell (Ultra Violet, Deadshot: Mercy, 2017 DC Comics New Talent Workshop) and illustrated by Lynne Yoshii (DC’s Gotham Garage, 2017 DC Comics New Talent Workshop).


Writers: Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell (Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades, Deadshot: Mercy)
Artist: Lynne Yoshii (DC’s Gotham Garage, 2017 DC Comics New Talent Workshop)

Publisher: Fanbase Press

$0.99 | 25 pages | Fanbase Press | September 22, 2021

For Mature Readers | Available on Hoopla & ComiXology



October of 1962. The Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union is at its peak when the unthinkable happens: nuclear war. Sixty years later, the remaining 13 states rose from the ashes to form the American Union, governed by the authoritarian Joint Chiefs of Staff and protected by a border wall to keep out nuclear radiation . . . and the individuals who were enhanced by it. Nuclear Power is a darkly poignant alternate history of the Cuban Missile Crisis that posits the lengths to which a government will go to protect (or deceive) its citizens. When the Joint Chiefs’ dark secrets are revealed, will survivors on both sides of the wall join forces to fight for their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or will their differences forever divide them?

Twitter: @NuclearPwrComic
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Releasing during Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, we hope that Nuclear Power’s story will provide an opportunity to unite readers – across generations – in honoring Latinx and Hispanic history and culture. Nuclear Power was inspired by creators Proctor and Harrell’s shared Cuban background:

“The story is inspired by our mothers’ experience trying to Americanize after the Cuban Missile Crisis, when Cubans were attacked in this country for being the ‘enemy.’ We hope that people take away the idea that we shouldn’t fear others for being different; that we shouldn’t automatically try to destroy what we don’t understand,” notes Proctor and Harrell.

The release also precedes Proctor and Harrell’s contributions to the upcoming Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades which will release this October, highlighting Latinx heroes and creators from the Marvel Comics Universe.


Writers: Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell (Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades, Deadshot: Mercy)
Artist: Lynne Yoshii (DC’s Gotham Garage, 2017 DC Comics New Talent Workshop)

Publisher: Fanbase Press

$19.99 | 152 pages | Fanbase Press | October 19, 2021

For Mature Readers

Available at Fanbase Press & Amazon (print) / Hoopla, ComiXology, & Comics Plus (digital)


The collected trade paperback, featuring a foreword by Dr. Katie Monnin (writer – Teaching Graphic Novels, Diamond Bookshelf’s “Katie’s Korner”) and a study guide by Dr. Stephen J.C. Andes (Associate Professor of History – Louisiana State University / writer – Zorro’s Shadow). The bonus content offers readers, educators, and librarians the opportunity to utilize the collected Nuclear Power trade paperback as an educational resource for examining challenging topics like disinformation and xenophobia, providing opportunities for greater discussion and understanding.

The print edition will release on Tuesday, October 19, and the digital version will be available via Hoopla, Comics Plus, and ComiXology on Wednesday, October 20. It is currently available for pre-order.

During Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), readers can use the promo code “celebrateinclusion” for $5.00 off their pre-order of the trade paperback when ordering through the Fanbase Press Online Store.
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