The Gotham WEEK Project Market Selects “Brother, Man” by Patricia Chica

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our good friends at ChicartPR about a Patricia Chica film, Brother, Man that has been selected by the Gotham Week Project Markey.

Check it out.

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(New York, NY) – September 20th, 2021. Youth refugee survival story, “Brother, Man”, has been selected to The Gotham Week Project Market 2021 with Patricia Chica attached to direct. The award-winning project written by Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh is inspired by true life and is a coming-of-age drama following a stowaway African teenager on the run who lands on Canadian soil, finds a new family, and is discovered as a track star only to come face-to-face with deportation threats and a haunted past. The project is one of two Canadian narrative features to be selected in the prestigious market.

The female-led producing team includes Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh, Christine Falco, and Giuliana Bertuzzi. Moreover, this marks Chica’s sophomore project after “Montreal Girls” (set to release in early 2022). “Brother, Man” won the Whistler Film Festival Power Pitch and was subsequently developed through the WFF Writers’ Lab and the NSI Business for Producers Lab. The project also received the support of the CFC/Netflix Marketplace Accelerator.

“I’m grateful to The Gotham and Telefilm Canada (Black and People of Colour Stream) for spotlighting us internationally and to Whistler Film Festival for putting us on the map. It is wonderful to see youth refugee stories being given voice and amplified. I’m also delighted to have award-winning director, Patricia Chica, attached to elevate and champion the story. She is the perfect collaborator for this passion project,” says writer-producer, Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh.

Patricia Chica, who is a former youth refugee to Canada from El Salvador believes this is a timely zeitgeist project: “I strongly resonate with the story of ‘Brother, Man’ because, like the character of Fumu, I was also once on a quest of belonging and survival when I arrived in Canada as a war child refugee. A script of this magnitude, authenticity, and gravitas doesn’t come around very often.”

“Brother, Man” has been developed with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada, CREATIVE BC and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Patricia Chica is repped by MoJo Global Arts in Beverly Hills.

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