OUT Magazine Celebrates 300th Issue with Cover Star Sara Ramirez

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our good friend Jonah Blechman about OUT Magazine’s 300th Issue hitting news stands on November 22nd.

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Entertainment Slide Show: https://www.out.com/print/2021/11/01/20-lgbtq-entertainers-who-made-out100#slide-0
November 2, 2021: In celebration of Out magazine’s 300 issue, the 2021 Out100, we are having a weeklong celebration where the magazine is unveiling one cover each day. We are pleased to announce that Sara Ramírez graces the cover on day 3, with her cover being revealed digitally on the morning of Tuesday, November 2nd at 8:00 am EST. The issue, which will have also already revealed cover stars Elvira (October 31), Elliot Page (Nov 2), Law Roach, and Symone (Nov 1), is a celebration of the Storytellers, Groundbreakers, Disruptors, Artists, Educators, and Innovators who in their local communities or on the world stage made us proud this year

Out magazine is celebrating a week of covers in honor of its 300th issue. Today the magazine unveils its 2021 Out100 honorees in the Entertainment and Sports category with trailblazer Sara Ramírez gracing the cover.

Quote from Daniel Reynolds EIC of Out Magazine:

Inked on these sheets of paper are the faces and stories of possibility models for our community — folks who decided that being “in” was not an option for them. Being out — in their lives, professions, and the world — is how change happens. It’s how a life is fulfilled. (Excerpted from his Letter from the Editor)

Sara Ramírez is a cultural force to be reckoned with. For decades, the actor has used their platform to raise the visibility of queer Latinx people. After breaking ground portraying the bisexual Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy — the longest-running LGBTQ+ role in TV history — Ramírez is once again changing the media landscape by bringing the first out nonbinary character to the Sex and the City universe in the HBO Max revival. Their passion for activism and their philanthropic support of groups like the True Colors Fund make them a guiding light for LGBTQ+ young people and an example for the rest of us. – Said Daniel Reynolds – Editor in Chief of Out magazine

The Entertainment Recipients are:

· Elliot Page
· Aubrey Plaza (Ingrid Goes West)
· Billy Eichner
· Dalila Ali Rajah (Grey’s Anatomy)
· Devery Jacobs (Reservation Dogs)
· Max Harwood (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)
· Emma Corrin (The Crown)
· “Hacks,” (Hannah Einbinder, Meg Salter, Johnny Sibilly, Poppy Liu, Mark Indelicato)
· Jasika Nicole (The Good Doctor)
· JoJo Siwa
· Justice Smith (Genra+ion)
· Mason Alexander Park (Cowboy BeBop)
· Niecy Nash (Claws)
· Nik Dodani (Dear Evan Hansen)
· Polo Morin (Who Killed Sara)
· Sam Jay (Saturday Night Live)
· Pride House LA, (Garrett Clayton, Mollee Gray, Kent Boyd, Jeka Jane)

Sports Recipients are:
· Raven Saunders (United States Shot Put Olympian)
· Quinn (Canadian Soccer Olympian)
· Sonic Fox (Esports award winning champion)
· Curt Miller (WNBA Connecticut Sun coach)

Issues will hit stands on November 22

About Out Magazine:

Since its inception at the height of the AIDS crisis in the 1990s, Out has been the most influential voice for LGBTQ+ readers across all areas of interest: fashion and grooming, style and taste, politics and art, fitness and self care, travel and dining. For nearly 30 years and over 4 million readers, Out has been a source of affirmation for a community that was politically and socially under attack. As we enter a new world post-pandemic, Out celebrates the accomplishments we as a community have made as we continue to foster new opportunities for future creators, artists, thought leaders, and ambassadors of change.

By lifting up the voices of our trans and nonbinary family, welcoming queer women back into our pages and covers, we expand our collective legacy. We expand this legacy to not only honor every part of our diverse rainbow—but to include the hues of our past, the colors of our present, and the spectrum of our future.

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