Ben’s Breakdown | K.D. Edwards’ “The Hourglass Throne” Is a Thrilling and Breathtaking Ride!

When author K.D. Edwards decided to pursue his dream of becoming an author, he unquestionably never realized what he was about to embark on. Lifelong authors see a change in their lives as they make writing not just their passion but also their profession. It’s safe to assume that is what Mr. Edwards thought, but what he probably has not realized is how he has affected the lives of those around him, specifically his readers. He will most definitely impact their lives again in some pretty serious ways after having read his third and latest entry into “The Tarot Sequence” of novels The Hourglass Throne.

Continuing the adventures that were started with The Last Sun and continued with The Hanged Man, we have Rune Saint John. He is Atlantean. Along with the many remaining survivors of Atlantis (now destroyed from war), they are living in a previously uninhabited area of Nantucket. It is a very magical society and is ruled by a governing body known as the Arcanum. Each member of the Arcanum is the leader of their own court. Rune’s father led the Sun Throne until it was brought down by an illegal raid against it. Everyone, including Rune’s father, was viciously murdered except for Rune, who at the age of 15 was brutally raped and eventually rescued by his psychically bonded companion Brandon Saint John. Many years later, Rune finds himself a boyfriend in Addam Saint Nicholas, of the Crusader Throne, as well as a new extended family, including an adopted young man named Matthias, or Max. Rune had been cared for and raised by the head of the Dagger Throne (Lord Tower) after the fall of his father’s court, and has now reclaimed that same court and taken his seat in the Arcanum. However, the mystery of the attack that brought down his father’s court all those years ago still plagues him and underneath it all, Rune has a deep and very dark secret that he will go to any lengths to protect.


The Hourglass Throne picks up not long after the events of The Hanged Man (to placate his readers Mr. Edwards writes novellas and VERY short stories that take place in-between the published novels, puts them on his website, and then share them through social media). What he has delivered can be described as relentless and continually in overdrive. The first two books have both been described as “a quest” type story akin to a Dungeons and Dragons™ campaign. Not so with The Hourglass Throne. This story can best be described as a runaway train thrill ride… in the dark! From the first few pages, Mr. Edwards throws twists and surprises in strategically perfect places. Scenes of apparent violence are turned on their head when a vital fact is revealed. He also tricks his readers into thinking a smoking gun makes an appearance, only to switch directions and give the previously conceived smoking gun a completely different purpose without reducing it to a mere red herring. Mr. Edwards has stated numerous times on social media (as well as on our podcast) that the third book will reveal all of Rune’s secrets that he has been keeping. Early on a plot device was introduced causing me to think that this would be the means that those closely guarded secrets would be revealed. Instead, he uses that plot device for entirely different reasons, which ended up making even more sense than I had previously guessed. As for his character development, he has demonstrated to this reader that these characters, especially Rune, Brand, Addam, and the rest of his extended family, are not just characters on a page. They are living and breathing in his mind, and through his words, brings them to life in the minds of any of his readers who may wish to let them live there rent-free. Rune is now real. Brand is now real, and doing this enabled him to deliver a surprise that took my breath away, shattered my heart, and made me cry.

This now brings me to the tone of The Hourglass Throne. While it is like a runaway train ride in the dark, it is also has a very powerful element of horror. Where The Hanged Man gave a scene that can best be categorized as Supernatural Horror, The Hourglass Throne has a moment that is what I call Human Horror. Something is revealed to the reader that had me figuratively “clutching my pearls.” It was a scene of such personal horror that it not only reduced me to sobs, it also casts new light on everything that has happened in the first two books.

Up until now, I had always referred to The Hanged Man as the best book I have ever read. I am now forced to amend that statement for it has been bumped down to second place by The Hourglass Throne. Mr. Edwards’ latest book has the best character growth and development I have ever seen. I think of them as alive because they behave as if they were alive. We see them evolve and change through their adventures that, despite being incredibly fantastic in this urban fantasy, feel absolutely real because their behavior is again, absolutely real. Moments of triumph made me want to jump up and down with my fist in the air. Moments of humor had me laughing out loud to where my sides almost hurt. Moments of tragedy made me weep. Moments of love filled me with such warmth that again produced tears, but this time they were tears of joy. And lastly, moments of pure surprise had me exclaiming out loud (and numerous times at that) “OH MY GOD!!!” Only a book with such living characters could produce reactions like that out of me.

But it’s not just the characters. The story itself has some of the most brilliant writing I have ever encountered. With all of the fantastic story developments present, it never, and I mean NEVER, feels as if it goes too far. Mr. Edwards takes the reader to the very edge of the cliff, but he never pushes them over. He has them balanced precariously on the very edge only to bring the reader back safely in a manner that leaves the heart racing. This is also a book of 100% economy. The balance of character and story development is perfect. Nothing is wasted. Every thought, spoken word, and surprise has its purpose. It may not come to mean what the reader might anticipate it to mean, but it all comes together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

Mr. Edwards is now 3 for 3 with his novels, as well as the countless short stories and novellas he has shared. I can only imagine that writing these stories has been a labor of love for him because he treats this universe and its characters with respect. In doing so he also treats his readers with respect. As his characters have grown and evolved, so has Mr. Edwards’ writing. At no time did I ever believe he could improve upon perfection as I felt The Hanged Man was the perfect book. I still hold that to be true. What I did not expect was for him to redefine it, and he has done so with the thrilling and breathtaking The Hourglass Throne.

I give The Hourglass Throne 5 out of 5 Tallas.

The Hourglass Throne is published by Pyr Books and will be released on May 17, 2022. Pre-orders for The Hourglass Throne on Amazon can be made by clicking the banner below.


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