Body Horror Short STITCHES Will Make You Unravel at the Seams

The Two Gay Geeks received this press release from our good friend at Simply Legendary Publicity. This time he is representing a horror short titled Stitches. See below for specifics and a YouTube link.

Please be advised that this short is pretty graphic, watch at your own risk.

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A young woman will stop at nothing to hold it all together in Stitches. Watch the agony unravel in the 6-minute body horror short on YouTube.

Stitches is the latest film from onStream Productions – writer/director Colin MacDonald and actress/special effects creator Nicole Barron, in collaboration with composer Jerry Smith. Following their award-winning short Hangail, the trio pushed themselves to make viewers’ skin crawl with an even more visceral effort.

“The thought of having thin, delicate threads holding my flesh together has always disturbed me,” shudders MacDonald. “Making Stitches allowed me to amplify that and explore the most nightmarish of scenarios.”

onStream Production is currently in development on their next short, Hunters’ Orange. For more information, visit


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