Hamish Downie has a new type of column that started backing December as his Holiday playlist. It was so popular hat he decided to make it a monthly recurring column with a movie playlist for each month. Thanks, Hamish for creating a new concept for TG Geeks.

If you have seen any of these films, let us know your thoughts.

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It’s just about October, so we all know what that means! It’s time for some Halloween movies! I’ve compiled some suspense films for the discerning dozens that read my columns this month, let me know if you enjoy them!

GATTACA (1997)

In this debut film from Andrew Niccol (who went on to write “The Truman Show”), he takes us to a dystopian future where almost everyone is made to order, except for the few born naturally who are confined to working menial labour. Ethan Hawke stars as our hero who was born naturally, but desires to be an astronaut on a mission to Saturn. I don’t want to spoil much more, but he needs Jude Law’s help to get there, and a murder complicates matters, as does the lovely Uma Thurman (and we can see the two leads falling in love in real life on screen). This really feels timeless (albeit not the computers), and the three big stars really could have been stars in the Golden Age as well. Beautiful soundtrack as well.



It’s the war of the cheekbones in this 50s Joan Crawford Thriller. Does it really matter what the story is? It’s Joan Crawford in the 1950s falling and marrying a younger man with murder on his mind (a young Jack Palance – before the one-armed push-up at the Oscars). They make for an odd pairing, but it works.

This was a banner year for Joan as she starred in this hit film, and her nemesis Bette Davis was starring as her in “The Star” (it’s rumoured that the film was written about this very Joan Crawford). Go have some fun with this classic, campy thriller.


Have I recommended this film before? Probably, but we can watch it again, because when Montgomory Clift takes Shelly Winters for that late night boat ride in “A Place in the Sun”, you will be on the edge of your seat. Undoubtedly the reason they were both nominated for an Oscar that year. Elizabeth Taylor also stars, as does her National Velvet screen mother Anne Revere, who is playing Monty’s mother this time.


How many legends can you fit on one bill? Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift (post-accident), and Mercedes McCambridge in Tennessee Williams’ “Suddenly Last Summer” directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (All ABout Eve, Cleopatra). But, the one name on everyone’s lips is Sebastian, who died last summer under mysterious circumstances. The horror of this film is all off screen, whether the truth of what happened to Sebastian, Sebastian himself, or the lobotomy Katherine wants Monty to perform on Elizabeth.

This month, I invite you to discover what happened Suddenly Last Summer.

Not to be outdone, this film has its share of legends too. Oscar-winning Actor Charles Laughton (Mutiny on the Bounty, and real life husband of the Bride of Frankenstein) directs what would be his debut and swan song as a Director. But, what a film! Robert Mitchem has never been sexier or more menacing as the criminal preacher who woos and marries his ex-prison-mate’s wife (played by Shelly Winters). But, it’s the two kids who are the real stars of this film, especially the boy who never believes Robert Mitchem’s tall stories. Without giving too much away, the showdown at the end is the most intense scene in a film that has been building and building in suspense. The first lady of the screen, Lillian Gish, also features in an important scene I don’t want to spoil.

I hope you enjoy my selection this month. And please do wish me luck as an unexploded one-ton bomb from WW2 has been found near my apartment building: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/56c1c79da84eb6301311844b73404fda678d993d/images/000

Fingers crossed my own little “Hour of Glory” is incredibly dull and uneventful. Isn’t it funny how as kids we all wish for excitement and as adults, we all wish for stability and calm?

What’s on your Halloween list this month?

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