Mason Thomas’s “The Shadow Mark” Audiobook Featuring the Voice Talent of Marc Biagi Kickstarter


The Two Gay Geeks wanted to run a press release for the audiobook of The Shadow Mark by Mason Thomas because we like to support our friends new and old. Our new friend Mason has written an incredible book that will be recording using the voice talents of our good friend, Marc Biagi.

Have a look below for the Kickstarter link. It is very affordable.

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The Shadow Mark Audiobook Kickstarter


About Mason Thomas

Mason is an author of speculative fiction, and his works center on strong gay protagonists. He currently has three novels, each a standalone story. LORD MOUSE was nominated for “best novel” by Gaylactic Spectrum Awards. THE SHADOW MARK was also nominated for “Best speculative novel” by both the INDIE and LLAMDA Awards. THE WITCHSTONE AMULET is his most recent release. His body of work was recognized by the QUEER INDY awards, taking third place in the category of BEST SPECULATIVE FICTION. He also has a collection of three short stories titled THREE TALES. His work is currently available on Amazon in digital and print forms.

More novels are in the works and on the way.

While growing up, learning he was gay, Mason rarely found any representation in the speculative novels he was reading. In his writing journey, he’s made it his mission to bring strong, authentic, and positive gay characters into speculative fiction, into the kind of stories he ached for as a kid.

Since THE SHADOW MARK debuted back in 2017, Mason has wanted to have this story put into audiobook format. It was a chance meeting at San Diego Comic-Con that brought Mason and Marc Biagi together. Marc is a highly respected, firmly established, and wildly talented voice actor. The two hit it off instantly, sharing the belief that there needs to be more quality LGBTQ+ content in the speculative world! Mason quickly knew that Marc was the talent he needed for this story. And so a partnership began!



About Marc Biagi

With decades of experience in the industry, I’ve been doing voice work for clients across the US and the world. I’m a strong character actor and leverage my diverse accent & dialect work in my roles. You might know me as Vector the Crocodile and Professor Gerald Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Strider Hiryu in Strider, Brian Basco in the Runaway adventure games, and many recent and popular roles in Star Trek Online. However, I have hundreds of titles under my belt, and I’m no stranger to storytelling with many titles for major educational publishers. And now, I’m making in-roads into the AudioBook world! I’m a huge fan of fantasy and SF and have read them voraciously for decades and am honored and excited to bring Mason’s characters and world from print into the audio world. And, as part of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m also proud to be associated with Mason’s works that feature characters who reflect us. If you want to have some fun, check out some of my credits and work in the links below:



About The Shadow Mark

Auraq Greystone, once a military officer with a promising future, exists on the fringe of society. Accused of murder, Auraq is on the run from the ax—until two fugitives crash into his solitary life. One is a young man named Kane. The glowing marks on his arm pulse with an otherworldly power, and they have made him the target of a sinister organization called the Order of the Jackal. When the old man protecting Kane dies in an ambush, Auraq swears an oath to take his place.But the runes are far more significant than they realize. They are a message from the shadow realm, a dark memory of the past—one holding evidence of a bloody massacre and its savage architect; one that will shake the kingdom to its foundation. Risking arrest and execution, Auraq fights to get Kane to the capital city where the cryptic marking can be unlocked. And with assassins close on their trail, Auraq might never get the chance to show Kane what’s in his heart—or the way their journey together has changed him.The Shadow Mark is an epic tale of magic, murder, conspiracy, betrayal, and—for the two men tasked with unraveling the mystery—love and redemption.

Kickstarter Link: The Shadow Mark Audio Book


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