“A Tricky Treat” | A Short Film by Patricia Chica

Editor Note: The Two Gay Geeks are taking a little vacation and we are re-posting a few Halloween Treats for you while we are gone.Enjoy!

The Two Gay Geeks wish to share a delightful short film by our good friend and award winning director, Patricia Chica. A Tricky Treat is one of our favorite Patricia Chica films and we are so glad it is available on Youtube now.

When we first saw the film we were enamored with it and couldn’t wait to be able to share it.

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A man is kidnapped on Halloween night by a very strange family and his fate lies in the hands of the two children.

Directed and Edited by
Patricia Chica

Written by
Kamal John Iskander

Produced by
Patricia Chica, Grace Santos, Byron A. Martin

Special FX Supervisor:
Danny McCarthy

Visual FX Supervisor:
Henry Lipatov

Production Design:
Gabrielle Giraud

Leonard Waldner (the victim)
Steve Brewster (the dad)
Andrea Fletcher (the mom)
Keira McCarthy (the daughter)
Marco Reilly (the son)

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