Hamish Downie has a new type of column that started backing December as his Holiday playlist. It was so popular hat he decided to make it a monthly recurring column with a movie playlist for each month. Thanks, Hamish for creating a new concept for TG Geeks.

If you have seen any of these films, let us know your thoughts.

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Did everyone have a Happy Halloween? Pretty soon it’ll be Thanksgiving (for those places that celebrate it), and then it’ll be Christmas! My, how the time flies!

Seems like we need a few movies to keep us entertained until all the relatives come around!

This month, per the request of my student, we’re going to the theater.



The classic tale of the theater folk, centered around a young Eve Harrington, played by Academy-Award winner Ann Baxter, who ingratiates herself into the lives of Margo Channing, played by two-time Academy Award-Winner Bette Davis, and her friends. It’s based on the short story by Mary Orr, who based her story on the real incident involving Austrian actress Elisabeth Bergner (not Tallulah Bankhead – despite Bette Davis looking just like her). The film also features one of the early performances of Marilyn Monroe, who’s fame would soon eclipse them all. She is endlessly charming, but this is and will always be Bette Davis’ film.

And after you’ve watched the film, go and watch the radio version, featuring Tallulah Bankhead, who got a lot of comedy miles out of her “rivalry” with Bette Davis over this film.

If there was a rivalry, it would be because while Ms. Bankhead did have a hit with “Lifeboat”, she never really was able to translate her appeal on Broadway to the big screen, so most of her hit plays were turned into films starring… Bette Davis. Now, that’s a reason to really be jealous. Anyway, they are both amazing, and both six feet under, so no need for any rivalry now. That said, you can decide for yourself just who played Margo Channing better.

If I forgot to mention it before, once again, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, the brilliant director and writer of the screenplay of “All About Eve”, adapted the Tennessee Williams’ play “Suddenly Last Summer” to the screen with such titans of the screen as Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomory Clift, and Katherine Hepburn. It’s one of those mystery box films, so, I shall not try to reveal too much. Just that it all centers around Sebastian last summer, and what may happen to Elizabeth Taylor this summer. None of the events of the film would happen today (hopefully not), at least not in the West. But, it still makes for a ripping story, and a chance to see the best of the best working together.


While not being as good as “All About Eve”, it’s an awful lot of fun, and with a big feel-good ending. Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons, Michael Greenwood and the typical journeymen English stock film players round out a fun cast. Don’t watch the trailer too carefully as it basically reveals most of the plot, but if you can get a hold of this film… WATCH IT! The reason to watch the film is Annette Bening at the height of her powers post-American Beauty.


OK, so this film doesn’t quite fit the bill, but good dialogue feels both natural and like poetry, and who really needs an excuse to watch this classic film? Robin Williams is a masterclass of acting in this brilliant film, and captains the ship with many would-be stars such as Ethan Hawke.

A subscriber to my youtube channel recently asked me to do a “What If” video about Robin Williams, and I have to say it was a difficult process. I don’t think I’m any more a fan of Robin Williams than anybody else. He’s just someone that everyone loves. It goes without saying. However, writing, recording, and editing, I was struck by how emotional I got.

Hope you have an excellent month, and carpe diem!

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