Hamish Downie’s News Sushi # 135: Morsels of News From Japan and Beyond

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Editor Note:It is Friday and that means it is time for the World Famous, soon to be Intergalactic Famous, News Sushi from our very own, Hamish Downie. Hamish brings us a decidedly different slant on Pop Culture as viewed through the lens of a non-native living in Japan.

Thank you (ありがとうございました) Hamish, for your insights.

こんにちは!Which means “Hello”!

Did everyone have a good Halloween? My partner and I had a quiet one at home, but we did watch “The Great Pumpkin” and “Doctor Strange into the Multiverse” which certainly had some Lovecraften elements, but overall, seemed a bit like those old Superman Part 4 greenscreen affairs. I wished they’d made it a bit more camp, but I did think that Benedict was very handsome as the Doctor.

I would like to delicate this column to Toast the cat as well.

Did you see the cherry moon this week? I always obey the moo-yon…

It’s a parody, but it’s not bad advice. Observe the moon, remember your friends, dance, and adopt a city. Why not try it if you’ve having a “mad glummer” yourself?

Local Actor and Comedian, Bob Werley, took a wonderful photo of the cherry moon:

I got to see the moon after work at its peak, and then after taking the train, I walked home through the park filled with the fall foliage and gazed at the cherry moon as the eclipse waned. It was glorious!


I have some exciting news to share, and that is that my short film, “The Last Anomaly” will be having its world premiere in my hometown on November 18-19.

For tickets, please click here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/newcastle-international-short-film-festival-tickets-401876482377

Now, all I have to do is sort out the deliverables! ARUGH!!!

The film I produced, “Impossible to Imagine”, continues its success with a screening at a festival in Tokyo. Congratulations team!

My podcast co-host (of which the podcast itself is probably on permanent hiatus) recently commented on twitter that she wished there were more Autumnal songs to break up the time from Halloween to Christmas. I’d like to recommend Deron Reynolds “The Path”:

Do you have any autumnal favourites?


Here’s a beautiful photograph of a Geisha in Autumn Leaves by one of the lovely members of Writers in Kyoto. I hope you can now visit us here in Japan proper!

If you do happen to find yourself in Kyoto, why not try out this New cafe!

We all think of this time of year as the colours of the 70s, the browns, the yellows, and the oranges… but it also Tis the season of Pinks and Purples in Japan…

Yes, I do realise I’m a month late on that one, but that’s what sometimes happens with these columns. They do get written over a period of time. Let’s forget all about that and have time for delicious cakes…


And here’s a lovely photo of a heron in sand:

Which one is Tik and which one is Tok? And where is Peggy Lee’s ghost? Because we need her to write a song…

As you know, I’ve been doing a “What if” series, and my Marilyn Monroe one has gotten over nine thousand views, and many comments, so it was time for a Part 2 of What if Marilyn Monroe had lived:

So, my lovely sister Naomi has a painting in an exhibition, and it’s up for people’s choice award, so if you would like to support her, or one of the other great artworks, please follow the links on instagram and vote away!

Speaking of my sister Naomi, here is Tomoko as the character Naomi in David Chester’s “Keepsake” – now on Gagaoolala and Lesflicks!


Wow! You can really tell that it’s been a while since I started writing this. Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s News Sushi! See you next time!


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