The Two Gay Geeks 🏳️‍🌈 have a chat with Trisha from Winter Horror Fest and the event they are producing later on this month, A Fright Before Christmas. This event is in support of Mulligan House, a group home for at-risk LGBTQ+ kids about to age out of the Foster system. It is a worthy cause. We plan to support this event and encourage you to visit and sign up for their Angel Tree for these kids. Have a listen, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

About Trisha “Whisper VanKelt”

Trisha, also known by her stage name, Whisper VanKelt, is a self-described nerd, artist, performer, seamstress, custom clothing and costume designer, and embodiment of chaotic good. Even her stage name came from her character in teenage games of old-school D&D.

Trisha has been involved in every capacity of event production, from performing to planning, promoting to producing, set building to choreography, hosting, and everything in between. She currently runs Thinly Veiled Az, a local theater troupe and shadow cast, performing regular showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in multiple venues, and has found creative ways to turn each show into a production, incorporating opening acts, DJs, vendors, photographers, and other elements to creatively keep the events lively, unique, and usually ridiculous. You’ll find her designing costumes, building props, teaching roles, emceeing, and even performing as Magenta. She figures out how to be in a million places at once, and though always chaotic, she somehow keeps everything in place, and the events are certainly entertaining and memorable.

With a love of all things horror, the next step for her needed to be finding a way to fill the huge horror convention void in Arizona. After months of brainstorming and frantic note scribbling, she saw a path forward, and one fishnet and combat boot step at a time, she started the journey. Partnering up with Alexis, they founded a new company, and Winter HorrorFest was born.

About Winter Horror Fest


Winter HorrorFest presents The Fright Before Christmas, a family-friendly, Christmas-themed horror convention December 16-18 at The Phoenix Center for the Arts. Celebrity guests include Eugene Clark (Land of the Dead), SFX Master Mick Strawn, Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), John Dugan (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Dr. Paul Koudounaris (Hexencult), Stephen Biro (Unearthed Films) and Father Vampire. Phoenix Ghostbusters will be on site for fun and photo ops, too!

Vendors, food trucks, a costume contest for cash and prizes, a candy crawl, and so many more exciting events and activities await you at this 3-day event.

Special movie screenings with live q&a, an incredible SFX presentation by Mick Strawn, and even a pizza party during the screening of DTLA Film Festival nominee Murder Pizza with a live q&a by writer and director Elizabeth Dowland are included in your ticket price!

As a special part of this event, we are raising funds and awareness for Mulligan’s Manor, a local family setting group home for at-risk LGBTQ youth in the foster system. Our goal is to give them the best Christmas ever and show them that there is a whole community ready to love, embrace, guide, and assist them as they age out of the system.



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We want to bring attention to a Public Service Announcement from the ’90s featuring Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) of Star Trek: Discovery

Beat the Bash – PSA from Mike Costanza on Vimeo.

This ’90s PSA (GLAAD, La Pietra Foundation, MTV) brings awareness to gay bashing.

Starring Wilson Cruz, Meredith Scott Lynn, and Joseph Reitman. Writer/Director: Mike Costanza.
Director of Photography: Brad Rushing. Producer: Cara Coslow.


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