Hamish Downie has a new type of column that started backing December as his Holiday playlist. It was so popular hat he decided to make it a monthly recurring column with a movie playlist for each month. Thanks, Hamish for creating a new concept for TG Geeks.

If you have seen any of these films, let us know your thoughts.

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Official synopsis:This shocking documentary chronicles a happy-go-lucky nomad’s ascent to viral stardom and the steep downward spiral that resulted in his imprisonment.

But, is it really that shocking to anyone who watched last month’s “Ace in the Hole”? Only this time, it’s really the Reality TV producers who might be the villains here. Only they all seem to want what’s best for him to a degree, but he seems to be dealing with some very big personal problems, which I think if they really wanted him to continue to be this charismatic knight in shining armor, he really needed to sort those problems out first.
101 RENT BOYS (2000)
Trailer (probably NSFW, but anything risque has been blurred for youtube):

Official synopsis: 101 Rent Boys is a documentary look at the boys who work the Santa Monica strip. The film is a powerful look at the lives of men who sell their bodies to other men. It genuinely features 101 different rent boys – some extensively, some in shorter soundbites. The interviews are grouped to cover certain themes; such as their first trick, or the reason that they began to work as a rent boy. The film will also feature footage of the boys working the Santa Monica strip, being picked up by customers and then, some time later, returning to the street corner. The duty of the film is to register as many stories and different people as necessary to suggest the huge variety of people that work the strip. It is a series of anecdotes, it is also a part of social history.

My Thoughts: It doesn’t seem like much has changed since the “City of Night” days. A lot of these kids seem to need therapy more than they need money. It’s very sad. So many of them were living on the streets, or one night away from the streets.

Based on the international best selling book. The true feel good story of how James Bowen, a busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat named Bob, who plays himself in the delightful film.

In case you were wondering, here’s the real fellow, and Bob:

He’s been memorialised in a statue since his passing:

HACHIKO: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Speaking of statues to animals, here’s the Hollywood film about the Japanese dog who waited for his owner (who had been killed during the war, yes that war) to return for five years.
If you are interested, here is a charity local to Osaka who supports homeless with food, transition housing and getting back to work:

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