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The Virtual Worldwide LGBTQIA+ Gilbert Baker Film Festival Will Be Online June 2023

The Gilbert Baker Film Festival (GBFF) is a global film festival that showcases and provides a platform to watch LGBTQIA+ films from anywhere in the world. 

Founded by the legendary late great Gilbert Baker, the creator of the original rainbow flag, GBFF will have its 5th festival run from June 2023 to July 2023. The 2022 festival was delayed due to unforeseen technical difficulties but the festival will take place in all its glory in time to celebrate this year’s Pride Month!

“While GBFF 2022 will be unleashed onto the world later than anticipated, our passionate mission to make LGBTQIA+ films available to watch and enjoy no matter where you are and who you are is timeless and as strong as ever” said Ping (GBFF Co-Director)

With 4 carefully curated film collections containing short films, feature films, animation, music videos, and documentaries, GBFF is set to provide plenty of entertainment, education, and positive LGBTQIA+ representation on screen for all to see!

As always, GBFF seeks to bring the LGBTQIA+ community together in support of each other and the filmmakers. Online watch parties and social gatherings will be hosted throughout the festival run.

“So much blood, sweat, tears, energy, and time goes into these creative projects and GBFF provides a way for filmmakers and film fans to connect and celebrate our identities and stories. In a politically tragic time where the LGBTQIA+ community is being attacked with anti-gay laws, anti-gender affirming care & anti- trans laws, anti drag laws, and banning of the rainbow pride flag, NOW more than ever we need to show up, connect with one another, and support each other when we can.

  • We are stronger together” said Jennifer Trujillo (GBFF Co-Director)

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All invitations for interviews with the Gilbert Baker Film Festival Committee are welcome. Cross-marketing of brands with similar values may also be considered. No publication is too big or too small. All support is appreciated. 

Please join us in amplifying these underrepresented stories and bringing the LGBTQIA+ community and allies together. Let us celebrate the amazing work of the artists and creatives who are bringing much needed visibility of marginalized groups to the screen.

GBFF mission statement

Together we are stronger, together we champion acceptance, diversity, human rights, and unity, and bring hope, community, and positive representation to the world.

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YouTube: Gilbert Baker Film Festival (GBFF) Official

Clubhouse: GBFF LGBTQIA+ Film Club

Meetup: Gilbert Baker Film Festival GBFF

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