News of TG Geeks Website and Podcast

Dear Friends –
We wanted to let you know that we have made the difficult decision to wind down and TG Geeks Webcast as well as our social media.

It has been a good eight years and we have made many friends that are very special to us. However, it has begun to take a toll on both of us mentally and physically to the point that it is no longer in our best interest in continuing.

There is also the cost of maintain the website and podcast. We have no income source from the website or podcast and that is not a complaint, we decided long ago that this was a passion project for us and we wanted to support those that didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

We are both approaching retirement age and simply cannot afford to maintain the website at the current level.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years by reading our content, listening to our podcast, commenting on social media and just being our friends. Our lives have been enriched more than you know just by being there.

We will still be around and hope that our friendships will stand the test of time and this end of an era.

Once again, THANK YOU.



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