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When I saw the first trailer for Strays, I really wanted to see it. First, nothing about it seemed like the typical dog movie. Second, with Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx voicing two of the main characters, I knew it would likely be incredibly funny. Both actors are also skilled performers. After watching the film, I found it hilarious and surprising, full of events I didn’t expect and situations that made me laugh out loud.

Strays is a comedy film directed by Josh Greenbaum and written by Dan Perrault. In the film, naive and optimistic Border Terrier Reggie (Will Ferrell), is abandoned on the mean city streets by his lowlife owner Doug (Will Forte). Lost and alone, he is rescued by a fast-talking Boston Terrier Bug (Jamie Foxx) who teaches him how to be a stray. With the help of Bug’s pals, Australian Shepherd Maggie (Isla Fisher), who is sidelined by her owner for a puppy, and anxious Great Dane Hunter (Randall Park), Reggie realizes his relationship with Doug was toxic. The group hatch a plan and embark on an epic adventure to help Reggie find his way home and make Doug pay.

(from left) Reggie (Will Ferrell), Maggie (Isla Fisher), Hunter (Randall Park) and Bug (Jamie Foxx) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.

This is hands down the funniest dog movie I’ve ever seen. Between the situations the dogs find themselves in, like humping lawn ornaments and couches to getting stoned on wild mushrooms, this film is full of graphic and raunchy humor that will make you laugh out loud. The writers also don’t even take themselves seriously, poking fun at dog movies in general. The movie has tons of parodies of the genre that are hilarious. There are quite a few gross dog moments in the movie, but some of these are the funniest scenes. Many of the scenarios are ridiculous, but that is the charm and comedy of the film.

Part of the reason that the film is so hilarious is the way the dogs bond. As the group becomes friends, we get to see more of their personalities and their friendship. Even though the movie features dogs, it is also all about the love of friends. The four dogs help each other throughout the film, getting themselves out of one scrape after another, including a fright with fireworks. While the scenes are funny, they are also incredibly heartwarming. Anyone who loves dogs will fall in love with these characters. And if you are a dog lover, you will absolutely cheer the ending.

(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx), Hunter (Randall Park), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Reggie (Will Ferrell) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.

The other reason the movie is so funny is the contrast between Reggie’s background and Bug’s. Both have had completely different experiences with humans, and while there are some similarities, it is how each responds that creates the comedy of the movie. Bug is fast-talking and foul-mouthed, trying to embrace his freedom. He pretends he doesn’t need the others, but he’s lonelier than he acts. Reggie’s innocence about the world allows even more laughs. It also is even funnier when he realizes how Doug has been treating him and decides to get revenge. The personalities of the pair, along with Maggie, smart and talented, and anxious Hunter, make for one fun movie.

(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx) and Reggie (Will Ferrell) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.

Jamie Foxx is incredibly good as Bug, tough and yet vulnerable. His voice acting infuses the Boston Terrier with spunk and grit. He is brilliant with humor as Bug, foul-mouthed but caring, takes care of his pack. Will Ferrell is restrained and fantastic as Reggie. He skillfully gives a character whose innocence adds to the hilarious nature of the movie. His introduction to the world is how the audience connects to the characters, and Will Ferrell has the perfect balance in his scenes of sweetness and humor. The dynamic between the two highlights their friendship. Isla Fisher is smart and raunchy as Maggie, bold and badass. Randall Park as Hunter is sweet, anxious, and full of surprising depth. The cast is fantastic.

(from left) Bug (Jamie Foxx), Reggie (Will Ferrell), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Hunter (Randall Park) in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.

While there are surprises in the movie, people, or events, the comedy itself is not breaking any new ground. Much of the humor relies on language that we wouldn’t expect to hear, graphic or gross comedy that the writers rely on far too much. While I like the twist on dog films, there are still some familiar tropes there as well. The dog’s bonding and the friendship are what you would expect to see in any buddy comedy movie. The epic journey is full of funny scenes but relies on the audience being familiar with dogs or dog lovers. Despite that, I found it fun, and the buddy comedy elements really do work well.

If you love Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell, and dogs, you will find this the funniest dog movie you have ever seen. They are fantastic together, and the movie is full of unexpected moments that will make you laugh out loud. While it isn’t a new type of comedy, very much an odd couple style of movie, the raunchy scenes are fun, and I love that it parodies other dog films. This is one film both dog lovers and families will love.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 humps
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(from top left) Hunter (Randall Park), Maggie (Isla Fisher), Bug (Jamie Foxx) and sheriff K-9s in Strays, directed by Josh Greenbaum.



Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but what if the man is a total dirtbag? In that case, it might be time for some sweet revenge, doggy style.
When Reggie (Will Ferrell), a naïve, relentlessly optimistic Border Terrier, is abandoned on the mean city streets by his lowlife owner, Doug (Will Forte; THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, NEBRASKA), Reggie is certain that his beloved owner would never leave him on purpose.
But once Reggie falls in with a fast-talking, foul-mouthed Boston Terrier named Bug (Oscar® winner Jamie Foxx), a stray who loves his freedom and believes that owners are for suckers, Reggie finally realizes he was in a toxic relationship and begins to see Doug for the heartless sleazeball that he is.
Determined to seek revenge, Reggie, Bug and Bug’s pals—Maggie (Isla Fisher; NOW YOU SEE ME, WEDDING CRASHERS), a smart Australian Shepherd who has been sidelined by her owner’s new puppy, and Hunter (Randall Park; ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE, AQUAMAN), an anxious Great Dane who’s stressed out by his work as an emotional support animal—together hatch a plan and embark on an epic adventure to help Reggie find his way home … and make Doug pay by biting off the appendage he loves the most. (Hint: It’s not his foot).
STRAYS opens exclusively in theaters nationwide on August 18, 2023.

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