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Thor: Ragnarok | Movie Review

Quick Take: Chris Hemsworth and the rest of this stunning ensemble more than succeed in spanning the time gaps in the MCU, bringing more of the vibrant backstory of Asgard to life, and pushing the overall worldbuilding forward with sharp, witty, great one-liners, and impeccably timed reveals all without once forgetting to be present, emotional, […]

Suburbicon | Movie Review

Quick Take: At its core, Suburbicon is a dark comedic thriller that somehow misses its mark. It’s brilliantly cast and obscenely peppy in the best way possible. But it’s hindered by slow-moving action, an inexplicable disconnect from its surroundings, and suffers from way too many wasted opportunities. The disconnect seriously undermines the impact of a […]

Goodbye Christopher Robin | Movie Review

Quick Take: Goodbye Christopher Robin is a wonderfully atmospheric costume drama that tells it’s story in stages. In places it fails to have the actors dig too far beneath the surface of the people but, despite this shortfall, it illuminates Alan Milne’s psychological troubles in insightfully relevant context. It’s a bittersweet glimpse into a dysfunctional family […]

Only The Brave | Movie Review

Quick Take: Hollywood is almost as fond of reenactments of tragic events as it is of geopolitical disaster movies and the two are frequently treated with the same lackadaisical regard when it comes to the “true” portion of the tagline: “based on true events.” But Director Joseph Kosinski created a heart-rending dramatization in Only The Brave without needlessly inserting composite […]

The Snowman | Movie Review

Quick Take: The Snowman coming to theaters is not the film teased in the trailer. This is not a horror movie. This is not Harry Hole detective story. This mishmash of a script should not be mistaken for a story derived from a Joe Nesbø plotline. I don’t know exactly what director Tomas Alfredson hoped to accomplish by stripping all the compelling and enriching character and story elements that […]

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